Making A Change For A Better Process

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Making a Change for a Better Process Healthcare is under constant reassessment because of daily innovation. With this assessment comes the realization that one process has better outcomes than another indicating the need for change and change. Since change is only as good as the planning that goes into it leaders in nursing must be prepared to manage change properly and effectively. The purpose of this paper is to identify an inefficiency in an organization and develop a change management plan in accordance with the organization’s mission, vision, and values. This change is based on principles from Lewin’s theory of change and diffusion of innovation with clear steps to follow involving all of those affected by the change.
Identified Problem While teaching the medical-surgical internship several new graduates expressed concerns about a behavior on the unit that led them to question the specifics of scope of practice. Specifically, electronic order entry has emphasized the problem that physicians have been asking that telephone and verbal orders be used as an alternative to directly entering orders. Doctors would tell the nurse in person to order a lab or medication for a patient as opposed to writing it in the chart or directly entering the order into the system. Some nurses may not see issues with this practice, but the truth is that this practice greatly increases the likelihood of errors for the patient. In a systematic review Nuckols et al. (2014) even found that…

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