Making A Criteria For Accepting Books

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in charge to develop a criteria for accepting books. Once this committee evaluates which books could be a good option to be used, the committee sends a list of the books that the teachers might use. Then it becomes of matter of each teacher’s preference; however, Mrs. Espinoza addressed that changes have been made since the implementation of the Common Core Standards. What is occurring nowadays, she said, “each teacher take the Common Core and apply it to current lesson plans using the Basal or whatever they use, and for a whole year, just to see, what they are already doing and how it falls under the Common Core”. Mrs. Valencia pointed that material selection is very different in the 5th and 6th grades. She explained that since it is novel based program, these grades do not follow any basal reader or reading series type of textbooks. The students are the ones who select the books they plan to read during the school year. To select these book, the students complete an interest inventory at the beginning of the school year; then, Mrs. Valencia and the Literature teacher, Mrs. Jacob plan together the activities that they will deliver; however, the students are guided through the process of their book selection and they complete this inventory with the teacher guidance; the materials are based on 5th and 6th grades reading skill levels, the possibility of using their content in the Language Arts classroom, and if they are a good example of the genre that the material pertain
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