Making A Decision For A Higher Education Essay

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Making a decision for a higher education can be challenging. But, understanding the ROR (return on investment) can be an influencing factor to a good decision in pursuing a higher education. An economic evaluation displays an ROI (return on investment) for an analysis. An economic evaluation that broadly considers how to optimize the production of particular outcomes within budgetary constraints, given certain inputs, can guide such choices (Hummel-Rossi & Ashdown, 2002). However, there must be a desire to commit to a financial outlay once a decision is made. I made a decision to attend Ashford University in January of 2014. I am pursuing a BA in Operational Management and Analysis with a set graduation date of January 2018. This paper is a financial report on my college education and projected future employment utilizing an ROI calculation. The reason I select to pursue a BA in Operational Management and Analysis is the personal gain of financial status. Society has a growing need for business educated individual in a multitude of fields. Networking, quality control, procurement, supply chain management, research, leadership, risk management, HR, accounting, sourcing, developing, and communication is some fields for an individual with a BA in Operational Management and Analysis. Planning and analyzing the educational path to a BA in Operation Management and Analysis requires a cost analysis with an ROR for a sound decision. The main benefit of using ROI and
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