Making A Design With Registration Marks

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We all have printed some sort of document in our lives whether that is digital or not, but we don’t know how the process behind it. This paper is about three different printing methods. Screen printing, Digital printing and 3D printing. It will go deeper into how each process works and how we get the printed product.
First, Screen-printing is used to print on materials such as paper, fabric glass and even hard surfaces such as metal most people use screen printing for signs labels and decals such as stamps (Printing Process Descriptions: Environment and Printing). There are several steps that you must go through before you can get a finished product. You must first create a design with registration marks. The design will be black and white, because when you print the ink will be in black. After that the screen you will be using for the print job must be coated with emulsion. You must coat the back and front of the screen. Then wait a little while so the emulsion doesn’t start reacting early. Then you will need black poster board and fabric. The board is so that you can black out the light when you bring the screen. To burn the design you have to use a halogen light. After everything is set, cover the light with board and place the screen on the fabric upside down. Then place the back of the design on the screen and with the glass placed on top just wait. Now you must wash all the emulsion off the screen for the ink to pass through. After line up whatever material you wish…
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