Making A Hat With A Pom Pom

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Making a loom hat with a pom pom takes a lot of time to make your first time, but after a while of making hats with pom poms, you will be able to make them faster than your first time. The first thing to do before making a hat with the pom pom, is to gather all material needed to make a hat. The materials you will need are: a circular loom that matches the head size you want to make the hat, a knitting loom tool, a tapestry needle, scissors, yarn with the color of your choice, and a flexible curve ruler or a regular ruler. These will be all the material you will need to make a loom hat for your first time. Once you’ve learned how to make a basic loom hat, you can start using more materials or not as many materials when making a loom hat.…show more content…
The fourth step is where we finally start making the brim of the hat. The brim will take some time to make, but afterwards, everything will be easier to make the hat. You will need to wrap the string that is attached to the yarn and knot the first hook you want near the hook of where the knot is on. You will wrap it around in a circle and continue to do this for each hook next to the previous hook you just wrapped the string around until you reach back to the beginning of where you started. You will then push down all the wraps down each hook so you can have room to start another row of where you wrap the string around each hook again. Make sure to not let go of the string so that none of your work done is undone. Once you have another row done, you must use your knitting tool to grab the first or last wrap you did on the bottom row and pull it over the hook, but make sure the top row does not come off. I usually grab the bottom wrap on the last and pull it over and continue from there so I don’t have to worry about anything coming undone and I don’t have to hold on to the string wrapped around the hook.You then must continue to make a new row each time till you get 4 rows of the brim. Make sure to not push down the fourth row you did for the next step. The fifth step is to get that knot on the side to leave the hook. When you have your 4 rows of the brim done, you don’t need the knot anymore. You must take it off the hook and untie

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