Making A Healthy And Safe Workplace

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Applying Policy to Practice The Institute of Medicine recommendations to create a healthy and safe workplace are in response to many issues facing the healthcare field. Attrition rates in the critical care setting are quite high. Entry into the workforce as a novice nurse is often quite shocking. No longer is there an instructor behind you guiding your every move. Nursing education teaches you the fundamentals and on the job experience builds upon those fundamentals. New nurses are learning how to perform basic skills and assessments, as well as how to be critical care nurses all at the same time. In previous years, this was not an issue. New graduate nurses were often not accepted into specialty areas within their first year of nursing. With the shortages and retirement of older generations, this has led to a massive shortage in my small community hospital. High burnout rates are often the result of being thrown into taking care of critically ill patients too quickly. According to the American Nurses Association, mentoring is identified as a key to combat the burnout that many facilities face (ANA, 2016). The concept of a mentorship is not new. Its earliest inception is recorded in The Odyssey by Homer in Greek Mythology. In this work, Athena becomes a mentor to Telechamus, son of Odysseus. Throughout history, mentors have been utilized by humans both for great good and great evil. The word mentor has become known to mean a trusted leader, counselor or

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