Making A Hobby Into A Business

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Introduction Converting a hobby into a business is something that many people look forward to accomplishing. This paper will discuss the type of business which I would like to pursue as an entrepreneur. In this business I will look to make sure that all activities that will be performed will earn profits as well as being in compliance with all laws and regulations. By abiding by the regulations and laws it will prevent any issues that may cause a problem. This paper will discuss the business and the important things that are needed to be successful. Business Type The business that has been selected is a sports bar. Having been an avid sports fan and dart shooter for over 10 years I have seen many places that claim they are a sports bar but in fact they are just a bar with little to no sports available. As the owner of the sports bar I would work to promote a great environment, to ensure that customers get the best sports entertainment for their money. Along with having a great sports environment I also would like to have some very tasty and fulfilling foods to serve such as wings, fries, sandwiches, salads and other tasty treats that will go well with watching sports. Also having a good variety of beer’s and drinks will help to promote the sports bar and help it expand to become an all around great environment. Staffing Plan To make sure that I have the proper staffing I need to come up with a list of jobs that will be needed to ensure that the sports bar runs

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