Making A Job Application For Business Law

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Before considering filling a job application I do a deep research the company before submitting any personal information. Since there are many shell or Ghost Companies and Companies that commit fraud. In the class on what little I 've had the opportunity to be present but I 've always been able to read the chapters of the class assigned to us the students, learned to identify several areas of law especially that are relevant to business and the Importance of the rule to those areas of law, how the rule of law limits government, how the rule of law Protects people from harmful business practices and why the rule of law is important to business. In my opinion one thing that I can say that if you do not have the knowledge to identify these problems, you are putting your credibility in big risk. My 5 Top Dream Jobs were required knowledge in Business Law are: Legal Assistant Real State Law Firm, Account Manager, Sales Representative, Administrative Clerical and Finance Consultant. These 5 jobs are tops on my list when looking for work base at my past experience and education. To start, I have always placed at my Job applications my leadership and skills that make me more successful in my job place, experiences and success in my past jobs were I worked as voluntary.
I always used companies with big reputation first because call their attention and makes you different from others applications. I always keep in my briefcase a cover letter than saying; what are my skills, and…
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