Making A Successful Reselling Business

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Thank you for buying this book, I have worked hard to pour all of my reselling knowledge into it for you. However, your learning should never end. You have to keep learning and improving to run a successful reselling business. You should learn about products, new selling tactics and apply better systems that will help you. Reading books, taking classes and watching videos should be normal to you. Warren Buffet one of the richest men in the world reads most of his day, he understands that to stay on top he must be allow new ideas into his brain. If learning is good enough for him it is for me and you.

20) Cost analyze (from eBay book)

You should be tracking your cost, sales and profit. You will be surprised at how many resellers get into
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There are steps to multiple flows of income.

First you must become successful at your first source of income. I see many people miss this step, you have to have an income that is steady, if you have a job, are you the best at your job? The next step should be add-on’s If you are in the reselling business and you sell Walkman’s and you are successful at it. Your next product should be an add-on product, such as headphones. Add on a compliment to your product is the best way to sell more than one item at a time and generate multiple customers.

I firmly believe that you should be selling on at least three different third party platforms. However, you should learn them one at a time first, before I started selling on Amazon I learned eBay then moved to Amazon, then craigslist and more. Therefore, you have more control and scalability in your business.

22) Pictures and Presentation
Pictures are worth a thousand words when reselling items. There are ways to make your pictures look perfect. I use crops and filters to make my pictures stand out. Most cameras and online photo editors allow you to add these contrasts; it might take you some time to learn what works best but when you do your items we effortlessly pop out to the customer.
Your pictures should be clear, clean and tell the story. If there are slight blemishes to your item, you still have to show them in your pictures and place them in your description. Start today buy adding filters to your pictures and watch
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