Making A Tough Business Decision

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Leaders are faced with thousands of decisions to make during their careers. Making a tough business decision could be difficult, especially when you know many will be affected by it. Regardless of how difficult the decision could be, a successful leader cannot sit around being uncertain about what to do, they will quickly make a decision and communicate their goals to others. At times, it is not about making the right decision, but just making a decision. Every leader is different, therefore they have different decision making styles such as command, collaborative, consensus, and convenience (Gleeson, 2012). Martin Thomas, the CEO from Devise Products Unlimited (DPU), recently decided that it was time to change the culture of his organization. He did it by implementing a program called the FISH! Philosophy. Without providing any training, he decided to provide all his leaders a copy of the FISH! Book with a goal in mind to implement the program in each one of their departments within a month. After a month, he followed up with his leaders to see the progress and there was little to no success implementing the new program. Thomas had a difficult decision to make and unfortunately, it was not a smart move from his part. Business culture can be defined as how people behave with each other within an organization and how they interact with their clients Craig, 2014). Therefore, business culture is the organizations identity. If Thomas was having problems with how employees were
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