Making Appropriate Staffing Decision At The Holman Library Of Green River College

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Making appropriate staffing decision is one of the most important tasks for a manager or of any company. The decision a company makes about staffing their business can have dramatic effects on the quality of their work, their retention rates and level of customer service. Because of this, we would like to investigate whether a sufficient number of staff already exists at the Holman Library of Green River College. It is important to note that we cannot just look at one factor in order to conclude whether a company has sufficient staffing. In fact, the knowledge and skill of the staff, the type of problem that the staff has to solve, and the peak hours of the library, are some other factors that one may want to look at in order to see whether staffing has been efficient. However, since we only have limited resources to conduct this research, we only looked at the peak hours of a day. Our hypothesis for this research was that 25% of visitors to the library would first visit the information desk. It is important for the librarians to know the peak hours of the library so that students can get what they need without having to wait in line for too long.
Participants In this research, all Holman Library visitors will be the population and the sample size will be the number of visitors within a specified time during the day.
A hand-held tally counter was used to count the number of people entering the library. To ensure randomness on our research, TI-84…

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