Making Box Animal

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“Making box animals?” Emma says, as if asking for my approval. “See mines a bunny he even has a tail, and teeth. Look.” She opens up the “bunny’s” mouth to show me a row of bleach white teeth. They look more like human teeth than rabbit teeth, but I don't want to go into an argument with her. “Mine's a frog” Jacob says from the other side of the table where his box creation lays sitting, with a bits of cardboard laying in a circle around it. It's hard to believe he's 20. “Love the speech bubble you added”, I say sarcastically, referring to the word “ribbet” taped to the side of the frogs mouth. “I wanted to make sure everyone knew it was a frog.” “So I leave for 15 minutes and you two decide to stop doing stock and instead make box animals?” I say. “Well... ya.” Emma says. “Stock is just so boring”, Jacob whines as he continues colouring in his frogs tongue. I walk toward the blue cart littered with boxes, grabbing the one with a canon sticker on it and place it down on the table. “What are you doing?” Emma exclaims as I being grabbing ink cartridges out of the box. “Stock?” I say motioning with my one free hand to the box overflowing with the newly arrived shipment of ink. “No. You're gonna colour in the carrot”, she hands me an orange marker and a cardboard cut out of a carrot. “I don't think the rabbits…
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