Making Business Decisions I

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Introduction/ Scenario Background A business venture that relies heavily on importation of its products is greatly affected by worker’s strike. This condition becomes pronounced when dock workers strike because shipped commodities cannot be offloaded from ships nor any product cleared for transportation irrespective of its perishable nature. Nevertheless, a business venture must position its operations with such scenarios taken into account to ensure business continuity. When the business cannot receive shipments from Brazil Beans, custom coffee press machines, and China Teas, then the company must have proper strategies and alternatives to ensure business continuity. Coping Strategies Strikes are increasingly becoming a global phenomenon due to the impact they have on international scale. In this case scenario, workers strike is the preeminent challenge facing the company. Several approaches need to be taken with some employed simultaneously. First, the company needs to make the customers aware of these events. Customers can become restless when they are not informed. Informing the customers on unexpected delays due to workers strike solidifies the trust between the customer and the company. Whenever possible, the company should source for alternative products in replacement of those pending clearance at the dock. It is possible for the company to find related coffee brands or a specific Brazil Bean from a different supplier although in limited quantity. In such a case,
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