Making Changes to Policies to Protect the People of America from Terrorism

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Making Changes to Policies to Protect the People of America from Terrorism The face of war has changed in the 21st century, a change that the United States is not totally prepared for. Our new enemies are not citizens of countries, they have no face, and they do not abide by any “rules of war.” Because of this, there is not a person safe from their attacks, from the President to military personnel to a college student in west Texas as now everyone is a target. They succeed by their element of surprise and their surprising ingenuity in creating their terror. Before someone can propose policy regarding terrorism, we need to begin to understand what incites these people to perpetrate such heinous acts and what they hope to gain by…show more content…
This in itself would make the average American scream an invasion of privacy. However, this card is no worse than a driver’s license that most Americans already carry. However, the main perpetrators of new terrorism are of Middle Eastern decent. Should only those of Middle Eastern decent in the United States be required to carry these cards? On the surface this would make sense except for the equality and discriminatory issues involved with this option. But, those from the Middle East are not the only ones that may be involved with terrorism, such as the Oklahoma City bombing conducted by Timothy McVey and possibly others. There are thousands of people of other decent in this country in militia groups and even racial groups that are probably more than willing to create terror themselves, and with these people, they probably have even greater means and resources than those who attacked on September 11. Therefore a smart card would make much more sense to be issued to all of those in this country, and it seems that a majority of Americans are willing to accept this idea. Another issue, which has many, parts and has been battled over in government and the courts for years, and this is the area of civil rights. There are many court cases already that involve police methods of obtaining justice, with most of these cases barring many of these types of investigation. One method is the monitoring of phone calls and other

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