Making Children Hate Reading John Holt Analysis

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Vetter’s claims that teachers cannot teach students how to write and that teachers have no influence on a student’s writing. I disagree with Vetter’s claim, I believe that teachers have a big impact and can greatly improve a student’s writing. I have had a personal experience where my English teacher in high school actually taught me how to improve my writing, and in the piece we read in class “Making Children Hate Reading” by John Holt. the teacher John Holt improved a lot of his students writing by changing his method. I think that teachers can actually help improve a student’s writing, because I always struggled with writing until I had an English teacher which changed that. In every test there was a writing portion where you had to write at least two pages. I would only write a couple of sentences because I didn’t know how to express my thoughts on paper. My junior year I had a senior English teacher who drastically improved my writing,…show more content…
John Holt is an English teacher for elementary students. Most of students struggled with writing and reading. One day he went into class and told them they had to write whatever they wanted on their paper and whoever has the most words wins a prize “they were to start writing something. It could be anything they wanted” “it was a success in many ways and for many reasons” In conclusion I disagree with Vetter’s claim. I think that teachers can greatly improve a student’s writing. There are many instances were an English teacher would actually improve a student’s writing by introducing new methods to them. English teachers can improve a student’s writing but they can’t write for you. I want to leave you with this question. Why would there be English teachers in public education if they can’t improve the students
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