Making College More Affordable For Students

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Jennifer Barksdale Professor Bonner HUM 101 May 8, 2016 Making College More Affordable For Students The continuous rising cost of higher education is frequently spoken about today and deserves much more attention then it receives. College tuition for students is a rather large investment and considered to be one of the most expensive to make. As college tuition prices are continuously increasing so is the cost of housing. The average American family is finding it more and more difficult to be able to have a fair shot at affording to go to college. Although there are numerous possibilities, the cost of higher education for student is still too high and implementing a solid accreditation process and examining the student loan crisis happening could help improve a lot of problems. Young people continue to work hard to get good grades in high school in order for them to get accepted and enter a college. Getting good grades throughout high school is not the only thing to be worried about; they must also begin to think about the ways of coming up with money to afford their education. Education is the building block to all success stories. Setting goals and high expectations can be achieved through pursuing an educational path. Education is important and plays a vital role in everyday life. Educating begins at birth. The demand for a higher education today is under demand and is always increasing. Self-improvement, endless job opportunities, and character development are all
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