Making Decisions For An Organization

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Making decisions is a much more complex process than just trying to figure out whether to do something or not. It often requires more than just a “Yes” or “No” answer. The right choices are crucial to an organization in order to address important issues and to produce positive outcomes. Often time’s smaller decisions help figure out the bigger picture. For instance, in the movie The Insider Wigand had to decide whether becoming a whistleblower was worth the threat to himself and his family. Ultimately by the time the movie begins, NBC producer and journalist Lowell Bergman had already made up his mind to expose Brown &Williamson. Unfortunately, even he wasn’t prepared for the consequences that followed him and Jeffrey’s decisions. The level of risk taken to challenge big tobacco came with a hefty price for Wigand. The first step in decision making is realizing there is a problem. Wigand came to recognize this in his first meeting with Bergman. Although he decided at that time not to help Bergman with the interview, he was introduced to the problem none the less. By the time the two met again, Wigand had processed the information and begin to seek out more information. He did this by meeting with Bergman and asking a lot of questions. The book suggests Incrementalism decisions require smaller choices made in response to short-term conditions. In Wigand’s case, he made small choices as he went along and as more information was revealed. Therefor his choice not to go along
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