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Making Differences Matter Abstract and background of the article In order to investigate that what will it take for organizations to reap the real and full benefits of a diverse workforce, a research effort taken by the article author’s team. In order to understand three management challenges for Diversity, it conducted its research over a period of six years. The challenges undertaken were: a) How do organizations successfully achieve and sustain racial and gender diversity in their executive and middle management ranks? b) What is the impact of diversity on an organization’s practices, processes and performance? c) How do leaders influence whether diversity becomes an enhancing or detracting element in the organization?…show more content…
If she were to defend her opinion by citing her personal knowledge of the ethnic group the company wanted to reach, she might risk being perceived as importing inappropriate attitudes into an organization that prides itself on being blind to cultural differences. Presenting the case of Iversen Dunham, an international consulting firm that focuses on foreign and domestic economic development policy, where race relation had become a divisive issue despite this firm had begun its diversity efforts early in 1970’s. By year 1989, this company had among project leaders and professionals comprised of 50% women and 30% people of color apart from a strong contingent of foreign nationals. But, this company had complains of racial discrimination. Also, it’s getting pulled away from its original culture and its mission. The Access and Legitimacy Paradigm This was predicated on the acceptance and celebration of differences. With increasing multicultural country, the new ethnic groups are quickly gaining consumer power. This is forcing companies to have demographically more diverse workforce to help them gain access to these differentiated segments. The paradigm has therefore led to new professional and managerial opportunities for

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