Making Friends with the Jews in The Boy with the Red Pajamas Essay

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In the book “The Boy In The Striped Pajamas” the main character is a 8 year old named bruno. He’s a young boy who has no idea what is going on around him. His father is playing a high roll in the Nazis. To me Bruno is stupid and blind. then i think hes only 8, he wouldn't know any better but in the book he finds out the truth in his like last 30 minutes of his life. He was being brainwashed he was a naive 8 year old. you wanna believe your father is your super hero, even though Bruno’s father thought he was doing right he was 100% wrong. Bruno was blind to what his father has been doing to poor men, women, children, and even babies. Killing people just because of their race. It was never right , Bruno was only 8 though so of course he want …show more content…

Bruno was devastated about leaving his friends at first. Then later on in the book he began to forget the names of his friends. Bruno had his new friend Shmuel so he began to forget the old. So it became easier to deal with. He never really understood the point of the help wearing striped pajamas because maria never wore striped pajamas so it didn't make sense. Bruno becoming friends with shmuel and going under the fence would be a consequence of choice. If his father never brought his family to the out-with house with him Bruno will still be alive. It could just be a guess but Bruno’s mother may not want to be with someone who “cause” her child’s death cause if he never brought them there she’d still have her son. The father began to see that the place wasn't a place for children but he realised that a little too late. He meant well by wanting to stay around his children. He just shouldn’t have ever brought children where people die everyday. Having his daughter believe that what he’s doing is 100% right. It didn’t seem like they felt any remorse to killing innocent babies and children. Throwing babies into fires it makes no sense.

“‘You’re my “bestfriend, Smuel,’ he said. ‘My best friend for life’” this was my favorite line because i found it adorable and Bruno know what friendship is better than half of my “friends”. 2. “Maria, dont you hate it here as well?” i like that

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