Making Glue Out Of Miley Cyrus

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Lets talk about glue and even glue in stick form. The earliest signs of glue was in cave drawings from 5000 years ago. They would mix their form of glue with their paint to make it stick better and have a layer of protection over it. ("Koontz, Robi.") Early glue was made from a lot of animals parts such as hides, horns, bones, and hooves. Sometimes blood, brains, and fish was also used to make glue. When scientists made a better glue for pottery, utensils, and weapons people began to get more into unsung glue. In early years people would use glue as a hair gel time to time. Animal fat and bees wax were found in mummified remains to make people stay together for thousands of years. Scientist today are researching on making glue out of…show more content…
She is an amazing singer, plus she writes her own songs which is great because she gets so real with her words and they are relatable, and shes an actress. She started her acting carrier as Miley Stewart in the show Hannah Montana. She also sighed with Hollywood Records to get her music carrier up and running. In 2002 her first album was released "Meet Miley Cyrus." It got triple platinum. Then in 2008 she released her second album "Break Out." Also in 2008 she was a voice actress in the movie "Bolt." In 2009 she as ranked the fourth best selling artist. In 2010 she released her third album called "Cant Be Tamed." But in 2011 to 2012 Miley took a break from singing to work on her acting involving herself in multiple movies such as "The Last Song." In 2013 it was stated the "Mileys sexually explicit behavior generated widespread controversy while promoting her fourth album bangers." In 2015 Miley made her own album called "Miley Cyrus and her dead pets." Now in 2016 she is a couch on the tv show "The Voice." Miley is one of the most naturally talented and beautiful singers out there if i was her i would sit and look at myself in a mirror all…show more content…
Mirrors are made from glass with a reflective coating. Mirrors are not just for looking at yourself in they are also used in science and technology such as telescopes, industrial machinery, cameras, and laser. In the early years mirrors where harder to make so hey were expensive so only the wealthy could afford one. Mirrors were sometimes and still are coated in silver, gold, chrome, and aluminum. When the silver mirror was invented it was easy to mass produce mirrors when that happened common every day people could afford to get mirrors. There are many things you can do will looking in a mirror like wash your face, do your hair, amd clean your ears with
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