Making Healthier Lifestyle Changes As A Fibromyalgia Patient

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Chapter 17
Making Healthier Lifestyle Changes as a Fibromyalgia Patient
Exercise, a good sleep routine, and a healthy diet can improve the condition of a fibromyalgia (FM) patient. If a person already has concerns with regards to healthy living even before being diagnosed with FM, improving these three areas may be difficult. Sometimes a patient gives into the pain and other FM symptoms rather than trying hard to see beyond the pain, fatigue, and all the other symptoms associated with a FM diagnosis. It is much better to aim for a healthier lifestyle to improve overall wellbeing.
Gentle and Mindful Exercise can Help
Although pain and fatigue may hamper the patient from doing some form of exercise, all efforts must be made to start with at least short walks or other gentle exercise as this will have a long term effect on the improvement FM symptoms. Yoga can be a good form of exercise for people with FM because it isn’t strenuous. There may be some difficulty with yoga because of the joint and muscle pains so the patient must take care to select the poses and stretches that are comfortable.
In addition, exercise is good for the brain as it releases serotonin, a mood enhancing chemical. Exercise therefore will be a big help if the patient feels the stress often associated with FM. Another benefit of exercising is that it may fight depression, another symptom that most FM patients also suffer from.
A Restful Night is a Must
The body needs a good night’s sleep to

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