Making Moral Decisions in Different Religious Context.

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Table of contents Title of project: Making moral decisions in Different religious Context. Introduction: overview of the project aims and objectives Chapter one: +A world view of seven world religions. 1 Indian origin –Buddhism and Hinduism 2 Chinese origin –Taoism and Confucianism 3 Semitic origin –Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Chapter two: (A)-How to make a moral decision? Human as a moral agent analysing their… 1 Background 2 Experience 3 Religion 4 Conscience 5 (B)- Catholic Moral Theory and the Three Font Principle. 1 Act 2 Motive 3 Circumstance Chapter three: The business of morality in each specific Religion. Conclusion: Does religion make a Difference to Moral decision making? Bibliography…show more content…
The Doctrine of the Mean. (Written by a disciple and includes religious aspects of Confucius’ views.) 3. The Great Learning. (Short account of moral education.) 4. Mencius. (The teachings of Meng Tzu, Confucius most devout disciple.) These documents combined constitute the scriptures of Confucianism. Confucianism is a form of nature worship. Spirits of the mountains, rivers etc, were accepted yet considered inferior to the supreme heaven God “Tien”. Heaven is a transcendent moral power presiding over the world. Heaven sees the actions of humankind and sets standards of behaviour. To follow the nature heaven has given us is called “living by the way”. Heaven will not intervene in world action yet at all times is concerned with the welfare of beings. This concept is a motive to promote good conduct. Confucius taught that every person is born good natured and had a duty to preserve that nature bestowed upon them. It is possible to immerse oneself in evil wrong doing and ill conduct, yet it is a choice one makes. He never considered original sin and preached that one’s nature can be tainted and spoiled by a bad environment for example, giving into evil temptations, moral evil and people who do not cultivate their own humanity. “The path of man” is a root that must be travelled to become fully human and please the will of heaven. It is a moral path and a way of virtuous living. This path is too difficult for the ordinary person to

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