Making Music With Different Online Programs

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Making Music with Different Online Programs: High School student tries to become a Record Producer 1. THE INTRODUCTION I’ve listened to a lot of music in my 514,561,058 seconds of life. Of course the beginning first few years of my life did not consistent of heavy articulation and rhythm interpretation, rather it was to see if I could sing back the ABC’s or mumble the Arthur theme song to my sister. Most of the music influence I have was harvested back when I was eleven. I listened to a wide variety of genres of music from pop, to rock, to rap, to country, to concert band music, even to Bollywood music as that’s what would be playing in my home as my mom cooked food for all of us. The audio quality of the music always interested me.…show more content…
I learned the correlation between blowing into an instrument and the sounds that come out. This really changed my perception about music. I found myself enjoying the classical music that I would be playing on my clarinet, but I always kept it in correlation with the new sounds and technology music was sounding like. The new electronic based sounds created on the computer with the melodies and movement like a classical piece set that a part for me. I think this was generated by sounds from Kanye West and his albums such as Graduation, and 808s & Heartbreaks, even the blending of genres from Coldplay between pop tunes and classical music using implications such as organs, bells, and synthesizers in doing so. So what I ended up learning and continue to learn is I that like music really no matter what condition it comes in. The examination of the work that takes place behind it demonstrates more than what someone on the internet can tell me about how bad an album is or how weak the lyrics are. Of course there’s some analysis if a song is deemed as good or bad, but I always respect the work that is done in order to produce music. 2. WHY I’M DOING THIS? I was given the opportunity to generate music on the computer. I wasn’t necessary handed or forced into doing this, but when the opportunity came, I decided to take it. My computer science teacher, the only one that’s probably going
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