Making Our School Systems Eco Friendly

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Our generation today is known as the starter generation when it comes to sustainability. We are just now becoming economically aware and starting to change our ways to help the environment. That might mean we are starting to be smarter about our means of transportation or it might mean that we are making more of an effort to recycle. Either way we are starting to make strides towards reducing our carbon footprint. While it is great that our generation is doing these things, it is extremely important that we adults instill an even greater will to help the environment within the generations following ours. This is why we believe that schools nowadays should in cooperate the idea of “going green” and bring environmentally friendly ways into their everyday activities. As human development and developmental psychology majors, we feel strongly about helping children grow and develop into the best that they can be. This is why we find it very important that kids are being introduced to this lifestyle of being environmentally friendly at a young age. This way it becomes more of a habit in their everyday lives. If we can get kids to start self-identifying as environmentalists at a young age, then as they grow and mature, they can spread the word to other kids of their generation. In our human development course we discuss a lot of theories of human development. One theory, we agree with is the ecological system theory. This theory suggests that, “people are both products and

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