Making Pecos A Better Town

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Making Pecos a better town will be difficult, but it is possible. Too many communities are held from the potential of what they could be by not doing the little things. From cleaning up, making smart decisions, and being a great citizen, we can make the world a better place. Potholes and old water pipes are some of the few problems that I would love to gladly participate in solving. A pothole is a bowl-shaped depression in the pavement and surface of roads. Potholes are one of the most commonly performed highway maintenance operations. Potholes are affected by bad weather, heavy trucks, and failure to keep up with the repair of roads. Potholes damage vehicles and have a heavy weight on our wallets. Potholes cause flat tires, wheel alignment damage, impact and damage of the lower part of the vehicle, and major accidents. Weather damages potholes even more than they already are. Cracks allow water to get into the roadway base resulting in pavement breakup and potholes. You cannot detect damage only on the surface of the pavement because once the damage has reached the surface it is already too late to address the problem. Going to the root of the problem rather than just the top layer can make a big difference on our roads. There are many ways to take steps in improving my community but these are one of the major problems. These are very common problems that happen in every community, but they are getting out of hand and need to be solved as soon as possible. These holes
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