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Making the Case… with Stories

The reason parents read fairytales to their children is not for the sheer purpose of entertainment (or to get them to just fall asleep already), nor is it to install false hope. These improbable stories are didactic. Parents recite these tales in the hopes of inspiring their children and teaching them a life lesson. If the girl who was deprived of her father, was treated as a maid, and was verbally abused by her stepmother can get the prince, anyone can preserve through the obstacles of life. Making the Case has the same purpose, however this story is not a fake. TS Kimberly Guilfoyle’s style utilizes powerful anecdotes in Making the Case to successfully explain her life, teach life lessons, and inspire the reader.
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Kimberly Guilfoyle is generous enough to share her road to success in Making the Case by exercising a style centered on anecdotes. It all started with her first story about her first job where she, “got a tremendous amount of experience dealing with the various vendors who supplied us with the people we served” (7). This job was at a new, local Delhi. She was a natural overachiever. Guilfoyle won over the manager with her passion for the position, which included researching, creating a menu, proposing deals, and keeping an eye on the competitors. Additionally, she took advantage of her stunning looks to launch her career. With her family dynamic, she could not afford all of the school she needed, so she jumped on an opportunity to become a model. “…I paid my way through college and law school as a model… The experience was filled with other life lessons that reinforced some of the most important ones about self advocating (38).” Although she was a rising star in the modeling industry, she also had self-respect and no desire for the job itself. Yet, Guilfoyle did not turn the opportunity down. This decision greatly helped her in her career by not only paying for college, but also making connections for her in the media industry. Kimberly Guilfoyle’s story telling style in Making the Case allows for intriguing details of her whole life, including unbelievable and unexpected aspects that…show more content…
She believes that, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts (Preface).” This motto is present when she talks about her childhood, “after my mom died it was expected that I would step up and take on some extra responsibilities at home, particularly with regard to the care and upbringing of my brother, Anthony, who was eight at the time (xv).” Due to her appearance and success, some may think that her life was all smooth sailing. Yet, if they dig deeper, they will discover the true struggle she endured to get herself on top. She was not just supporting herself, as mentioned previously; she was a team player. This story of her mother dying shows how she had to sacrifice a piece of her childhood to help her family. Where most people would make an excuse and quit, she pushes through and dedicates herself to solving the problem. Another time where Kimberly Guilfoyle persevered was with her divorce. Today so many people end their marriage in raging flames with lawyers and immature behavior, but not her. She was respectful to her ex husband, son, and self and closes the book with peace and best regards. She proves this by stating, “I am telling you when there are children involved in the dissolution of a marriage, advocating for them by putting their needs before your own is the only way to secure a healthy outcome for them and for yourself” (167).
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