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Thomas Ricks, author of “Making the Corps”, gives a description about the United States Marine Corps’ basic military training. The book’s main focal point is Platoon 3086 at Parris Island, S.C., in 1995. Their story is about their eleven weeks boot camp training to become a full-fledged marine. Mr. Ricks writes about what separates the marines from American society, he writes how the Marine Corps differ from other branches of the Unites States military, as well as life after boot camp.

How the Marine Corps’ values show contempt to those of the American society

The Marine Corps transforms young civilians into a life of values: honor, courage, and commitment. These values are instilled in each recruit as they go through the eleven
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These feelings have been going on since the Marines have been established, and the reason for that is because of American Society’s ignorance of military affairs. The military has led and played an important role in helping shape and win war victories for the United States, but the Marine Corps’ role today is questionable to many. Why? Because “For the first time in our history, we are maintaining a large military establishment during peace time” (p.23).

Marine Corps is different from the other branches of United States military

Through-out its existence the Marine Corps has demonstrated through their ways of teaching and going about missions that they are separate and different from the other sources of United States military. The characteristic or attribute that separates them from the rest is their culture. They often say they are “a culture apart”.(pg19) What the Marine Corps means when they say this phrase is that the Air Force has its planes, the Navy its ships, and the Army its obsessively written and obeyed doctrine that dictates how to act, while the Marines have its culture- its values and integrity that help make a Marine. But like the Army’s doctrine the Marine’s have one of their own, it’s the “Small Wars Manuel”.

-The “Small Wars Manuel” not only describes and depicts the lessons and meanings taught in the Marine Corps, it gives a
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