Making The Grumpy Old Man

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Making the Grumpy Old Man Grumpier Sometimes my kids call me “GOM”. It stands for “Grumpy Old Man”. I’m not really (I think), but certainly I verge on becoming a letters-to-the-editor writer (actually I did once write such a letter, but you’ll be pleased to know it was in response to some very misleading survey reporting). Am I an old man? Well, I use punctuation when texting, I know the difference between a survey and a questionnaire (they are NOT interchangeable terms, people!), and I stopped drinking beer during focus groups 15 years ago. Heck, after a heavy day of qual interviewing the other day I only managed half a pizza! (and who says ‘heck’ these days?). But what, to quote the great philosopher Peter Griffin, really ‘grinds my gears’? It’s crap research. I can happily debate sex, politics and religion, but rubbish research incenses me. And unfortunately I see a fair bit of it. Because I get sent a lot of screen shots and Facebook messages from friends and family, saying “get a load of this”, with yet another dismal example of poor work. I’ve been given questionnaires and reports from clients too. I also see problems when completing questionnaires myself – I’m on most of the online panels in NZ, and when I’m not screened out I get to see what my industry colleagues are up to – it’s a fantastic way to see research from a respondent’s perspective. (And what’s with screening out market researchers anyway? We’re consumers too, and if you’re worried about other
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