Making Uniforms Mandatory for High Schools Essay

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Making Uniforms Mandatory for High Schools School uniforms in high schools are becoming increasingly popular across Canada. In fact, most school boards are positive towards making uniforms mandatory. Uniforms at high schools should be mandatory. Can uniforms really make a difference in a student’s academic performance? Of course, they can. First of all, uniforms create an atmosphere of equality at school. When worn by all students, uniforms reduce the gap between the rich and the poor and therefore, promote equality. Moreover, in the absence of uniforms, the wealthier students tend to look down and shun the poorer students as it gives them a chance to flaunt their wealth. For instance, other students mock at a student who does not…show more content…
A survey conducted by Statistics Canada between 1992 and 1995 in Ontario high schools shows that 91 percent of incidents involving crime and police interventions in schools took place where uniforms were not mandatory. Furthermore, uniforms help school officials in detecting intruders like drug dealers who come unwelcome into the school. Thus, uniforms reduce violence at high schools by discouraging gang fights and making it easier to recognize intruders. Thirdly, uniforms enforce discipline towards learning and enhance education. Students have to wear a particular set of clothes throughout their high school careers. This results in building up of self-discipline for each student, which is beneficial to the long-term process of learning. For example, students’ attention is not diverted towards the latest designs and hence, can spend more time concentrating on academic goals. Uniforms improve a person’s attitude towards success too. Students generally act the way they are dressed and with fewer distractions, they are able to focus on their goals and obtain better results. Hence, uniforms result in better learning at high schools for students through the development of self-discipline and positive point of view towards success. Finally, uniforms give students a sense of identity. Uniforms are a symbol of the school that a student belongs to. For instance, when students are taken on field trips, they are
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