Making a Case for Pro-Choice

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Abortion is the expulsion of the products of conception before the embryo or fetus is viable. If anything happens before the 28th week of a pregnancy, it is known as an abortion. Most people do not get the whole picture about abortions and how they work and why they should be able to happen. If the pregnancy risked the mother’s life, would you still have the child? This is why abortions should be allowed because of serious situations like this. No other person can tell you what to do with your body so why would you tell someone to have a child they do not want? Think about it. If you really thought about the situation at hand, you would comprehend the other point of view we are trying to make. Just because certain people view abortions as something that is against humanity doesn’t mean that state laws should make it illegal. Abortions are a very serious issue that everyone around the world has to hear about or deal with. The fact that they want to make it illegal in the US to have an abortion is not right. Certain states in the US have trigger laws where it’s illegal to get an abortion after the first and second trimesters. It’s illegal to get an abortion in most countries but women still find a way to get an abortion. A legal abortion accordance with the local law is one of the safest procedures in today’s medicine but still has some complications later on. Even though having an illegal abortion is very dangerous, women still go through with it. Having to get a legal

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