Making a Case for Year-Round Schooling

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“…Thus, at the beginning of formalized education in our country, communities created schooling schedules that were cohesive with the lifestyles and responsibilities of the student populations. In rural areas, schooling was structured around agricultural harvesting. Local school boards and superintendents gave students months off so that students could help their parents with harvesting crops and caring for the farm. Unlike their rural counterparts, in the mid-18oos, children in urban areas were subject to year- round schooling. Yet because education was not compulsory at the time, students were able to take time off when they pleased, and thus, attendance became inconsistent and problematic. To encourage maximum school attendance,…show more content…
Although summer may still be necessary for some families, year round school provides an opportunity to accommodate both sides: year-round schooling shortens the summer break in order to maintain retention rates, however it still does allow for a summer break for students to aid their families for harvesting their crops or taking family vacations. It is simply in a more practical and manageable timeframe. For those students not involved in rural work, there is the matter of childcare over the summer. The typical option is summer camps. The American Camp Association has established quite a presence against year-round schooling due to the conflict it poses with their schedules (Opheim 399). Yet there is a solution available with year-round schooling. Having summer break cut in half will have the children inside learning in school, which cuts ridiculously expensive childcare costs and concerns for parents. Summer camps will still be an option, but they would have to conform to the children’s schedules. There will also be the possible option for several camps to occur should alternative schedules be chosen for an overcrowded school. As uncomfortable as change can be, it will all be made in the name of furthering education. Year-round schooling gives an equal-time duration of breaks over the winter and summer. This allows for more family time to be spent for those who do still have to work over the summer on farms.

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