Making a Financial Case

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ILM Level 5 Diploma in Management Making a Financial Case Gower College Swansea Student ID: CTT8599 Contents Introduction Page 3 Understanding financial concept used to Page 5 inform management decisions Be able to make a financial case to inform Page 19 a management decision Introduction Business and Partnership Unit The Business and Partnership Unit is client liaison team for of all existing and new partnerships with an ambition to deliver efficiencies and improve services. To evidence transparency of the Councils partnerships by implementing an approved monitoring regime. To provide…show more content…
The Business and Partnership Managers role is to lead the individuals and teams that are employed within the Business and Partnership Unit to deliver the identified elements of the key aims. The Business and Partnership Manager role is also as a leader, facilitator, deliverer and a liaison and a team member himself and carries specific duties that contribute to ensure his and others goals are achieved. The role carries ultimate responsibility for the actions of others employed under him and is responsible for delivering the policies his team are empowered with. The Unit can be broken down into four distinct services • Partnership Monitoring and Support • Water Safety • Sport and Parks Lettings • Business Administration The Business and Partnership Unit staff structure is depicted within an organisational chart. [pic] Fig.1: Business and Partnership Unit Structure Source: Business and Partnership Unit Business Plan (13-15) Understanding financial concept used to inform management decisions Background City and County of Swansea manages its budgets over a financial year commencing on 1st April and closing on the 31st March. The Councils budget is usually agreed by full Council in February of each year and relies upon a complexity of detailed information from across a wide number of services and Departments. Critically however, level of grant core grant provided by Welsh Government to Councils is a key factor in the Councils ability to
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