Making a Positive Change in My Community

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I could make a positive change in my community by raising money through fundraisers to buy new, unused, cotton clothing (shoes, shirts, shorts), and by donating these needed clothing items to underprivileged children. Due to my many hours of work in the community soup kitchen it was brought to my attention that there is a need for more than food, there is a necessitate for clothing. I would hope to make sure no child goes unclothed. Namely I would do this because I feel that clothing is not a luxury but a necessity. When I disinterred that some children in poor countries and communities do not posse basic needs such as clothing, I was heart broken. This problem needs to be solved and I believe that this project/plan could, solve this dilemma or at least begin to resolve it. This obstacle is larger than most people realize because in our area clothing is taken as a luxury that everyone owns; but unlike previously thought it has been brought to my attention that many areas do not have access to this "luxury," and I do not believe that is right so if I was able to find a way to mend this issue, I would be willing. No human being should go without a clean pair of clothes, and I have a daring plan to fix that. If I were to implement this plan I am determined to start by brainstorming ideas for a good fundraiser for example a lemonade stand,…
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