Essay on Making a Tissue Box Cover

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Adding decorative elements to a home can be done in many ways. One interesting option is to create a cover for any dull looking tissue box in a living room, kitchen, or other room. The cover for a standard tissue box can be made from many types of materials. One option is to use construction paper or fabric which needs to be sewn. However, the cover will need to fold up on each side of the box which is then fastened at the top. Review a few steps to make a simple tissue box cover.

Fabric Tissue Box Cover

Multiply the height of the tissue box by the width after adding one-quarter inch for the seams. Measure the top of your box and obtain the width and the height. Add one quarter inch to each measurement and then multiple them together. Add the measurement of your two results together. This is the total amount of fabric you need for the project. Double this amount to make sure there is enough fabric.

Determine the type of fabric to use for your tissue box cover. Fabric choices can easily be found on the Internet or at a local fabric supply store. Purchase a different style of fabric if you will be making more than one tissue cover.

Create a template for the tissue box cover from computer paper. Position the tissue box on one piece of paper and trace around the bottom using a pencil. Repeat this process with each side of the box using a separate piece of paper. Make sure to add one-quarter inch to the height and width. Label each piece of paper and cut out each shape…

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