Making an Advertising Campaign

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A Project Report on Making an Ad Campaign and Beyond...

Submitted To: Prof. Neela Rao

Submitted By: The 6th Element

- Shamli R Bhojwani (20737) - Monica S Jedhe (20746) - Rashika N Chanchlani (20739) - Sameeksha S Makhijani (20748) - Pooja M Wadhwani (20763)

Remarks: Dated: 16/09/09


1) Introduction - 5 M’s of Advertisement - Hierarchy of Effects Model

2) Setting of Objectives

3) Establishing the Budget - Factors affecting the Budget - Methods of making an Ad Budget

4) Message Generation

5) Selection of Media

6) Running an Ad Campaign

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Besides 5 M’s of advertisement the next model on advertisement is HEIRARCHY OF EFFECTS MODEL, this model helps in giving a breakdown analysis on any advertisement. It shows clear steps of how advertising works. This model can be explained with the help of pyramid. First the lower level objectives such as awareness & knowledge are accomplished. Subsequent objects focus on moving prospects to higher levels in the pyramid to elicit desired responses. The percentage of prospective customers decline as they move up the pyramid towards more action oriented objectives. It is easier to accomplish ad objectives located at the base of pyramid than the ones towards the top.



▪ Starting in descending order, each of the step in this model is explained as follows:

1) Awareness: If most of the target audience is unaware of the object, the communicator’s task is to build awareness perhaps just name recognition, with simple messages repeating products name. Consumers must become aware of the brand. This isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Capturing someone’s attention doesn’t mean they will notice the brand name. Thus, the brand name needs to be made focal to get consumers to become aware. Magazines are full of ads that will capture your attention, but you’ll have
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