Making of a Leader

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What Makes A Leader Introduction In the article What Makes a Leader? (Goleman, 1998) the author and researcher seeks to find the causality and connection between Emotional Intelligence (EI) and financial performance in organizations in addition to defining the concept of EI thoroughly from a pragmatic vantage point. The intent of this analysis is to define the key lessons learned from this excellent article. Analysis of What Makes a Leader? Best Practices in EI & Leadership EI is defined as the foundation of leadership in that they encompass self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, social skill and empathy. Each of these core components of EI and their implications for leaders provide both theoretical and pragmatic insights into how managers can proceed into more effective performance in their organizations. The article blends the theoretical and practical or pragmatic on these dimensions exceptionally well. Implicit in the integration of these five components is the ability to lead significant change in an organization as well. The author bases his fundamental premise on the analysis and evaluation of competency models studied throughout 188 different companies across a wide variety of industries. The findings resonate across all these industries showing how critical the seven to 15 items arte for defining EI in leaders. Of primary importance across the spectrum of these items is initiative and strategic vision. What is impressive about the previous research
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