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1. Explain how strategic management and the strategic management process are illustrated in the Avon case. First, Avon’s CEO Andrea Jung implemented a strategy to capture a new customer base and by contouring a product line for women age 16-24. This strategy has a big difference with originally core customers which was 35 and older. Catch the young market is the key to success. This young generations spend a lot of money on beauty products. Second, the image of a company is very important, they make the customers believe the brand. Jung had to improve the company’s image by implementing a celebrity factor via “going Hollywood” which encompassed the strategy formulation. The famous stars have a big influence on customers,
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After searching the internet, there are 12 women CEO of the fortune 500 companies by July 2013. This is a small percentage but it is considered an improvement because the figure has increased greatly to get to 4%. Based on the Catalyst, women make up 40% of the global labor force and yet they only present 1% of global wealth. After reading the result it’s easy to find that it has been men who have always been considered as the gender that has the ability to rule and head. This is the reason why the Catalyst exists so as to fight for the rights of the women in the society and especially in leadership. According to the sources, 4% is seen as a great improvement because there was a time when companies were only ran by the male gender. In general, having a woman CEO is still a scarcity and they are still a great minority, maybe there is a lot of work to do being a CEO.

4. Go to Avon’s website ( What are Avon’s vision and mission? How might these statements affect strategic decisions and actions? Check out the company’s executive team. Select one top manager other than Andrea Jung. Describe that individual’s job responsibility. Finally, select one of the company’s brands and describe what strategies are being used for that brand. Avon’s vision and mission is consist of being “Avon is a company steeped in tradition, grounded by its core values and principles as well as its vision "to be the

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