Making the Best Use of Pakistan's Natural Resources

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Pakistan is rich in natural resources. It has mountains , plains , deserts , fertile land , rivers and oceans. Natural resources are very important to the development and prosperity of a country. The important thing is to use them for the welfare of human beings and the development of the country economically because the progress of a country depends entirely on the use of available resources. Significant natural resources are described as follows :

1. Soil
Soil dry Pakistan belong to group having high carbonate and calcium poor in organic matter. These vary in color from reddish brown in the north to the red or gray in the south. These soils are generally fertile due to training. The barrage of new stores near the river called Khaddar and mostly consists of sand . The old bar alluvial plateau, called Bangar , consists of finer particles - loams . At the foot of the mountains the soil is sandy and generally becomes thinner towards the plains where Khankah , the concentration of limestone is occasionally . The soils of the deserts of Thal and Thar and Balochistan are carried by the wind. In southern Potwar is a thin layer of residual floor coating .

Water is a basic necessity of life . Human beings , animals and plants can not live without water. Water is essential for maintaining the quality of life on earth . This finite commodity has a direct impact on almost all sectors of the economy. In Pakistan its importance is more than ordinary

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