Making the Mortar and Pestle

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Making the Mortar and Pestle For thousands of years, humans have been creating, designing, and using tools. In the beginning, these tools were simplistic but effective, and made with natural materials such as wood, bone, and stone. From these materials, many different tools, such as hammers, axes, cooking utensils, and many more. For my tool assignment, I decided to make a simple mortar and pestle out of stone. The reason for picking a mortar and pestle is because it is a kitchen apparatus that I have always admired, using my mother's whenever given the chance throughout my childhood. To begin the tool, I knew I needed to find suitable rocks for both the bowl and pestle. Finding the perfect rock for the bowl proved harder than expected.…show more content…
I did this inside the entire circle, until there was a perfectly visible indent where the bowl was going to be. I spent about four hours with the sandstone chunk in my lap, and continued to hammer at the center of the bowl for depth, and using angled hits towards the center to shape the sides. I did end up knapping at another stone to create a sharper hammer stone, so that I could alternate between the two. The pyramid stone was good for breaking off bigger chunks, but the sharper stone was good for creating grooves inside the bowl, which is better for the intended purpose of grinding. After the four hours of constant hacking and chopping, I had a bowl that was about one and half inches deep. Since I now had a functional bowl, I picked one of my many river stones to be the pestle. I had originally thought of shaping my own pestle, but this one river stone fit so nicely in the bowl and in my hand. I tested the mortar with the pestle using lavender and other plants to see how well it would grind. The mortar and pestle ground material just as well as a store bought granite one. I had finished the bowl but since the chunk I had broken from the main slab of sandstone was an awkward shape, I decided to start chipping the edges to create a nicer shape. This idea had good intentions but went horribly wrong. While trying to shape the bowl by carefully chipping the edges using glancing blows, and then trying to
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