Making the Roman Empire War Machine

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The force behind the empire which allowed its growth was its army. The Roman army was an organized and well-oiled machine. The Roman army was ingeniously designed such that is was superior to all the foes it faced. The Romans had such a successful military, that most modern armies still model after it, you have but to look at the United States Marines to see how much influence the Romans had on war. The first important part of the Roman army was the way its legions were organized. Rome had a number of legions. Each legion consisted of six thousand men. These were divided into ten cohorts of six hundred men each. These cohorts were then subdivided into three maniples of two hundred men each, which were split up into centuries of one hundred men each. This structure of the armies allowed all of the armies to function well despite being far away. Also, the consistent command structure allowed for the easy change of command that was necessary given the casualties of war, as each new general didn’t have to become familiar with the armies organization. As to the soldiers themselves, the Romans have a variety of them. Firstly were the different types of infantry in the army. The first infantry unit in Rome’s ranks was the hastatius. hastati were the youngest infantry in the Roman army . They were the light infantry and were one of the poorer infantry classes. They were armed with a…

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