Essay about Making the St. Louis Connection

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Adolf Hitler spent much of his life wanting to be a painter and when he was eighteen years old he fled with two other young men to Vienna. He and the two other men wanted to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The two other men were accepted but Adolf Hitler was not. He blamed his non-acceptance on the fact that the art academy had been run by the Jewish and were discriminating against him. After years of failing in the art industry, Hitler’s political ambitions rose to the surface and he brought the Nazi Party to power in Germany. The Rape of Europa investigates Hitler and other leading advisors, and how they looted numerous of the great museums and private art collections of Europe during the duration of World War II in order to increase the collections of Germany's leaders. In the basement of Archives Center for Military History in Washington D.C. stores a large amount of Nazi paintings too controversial for exhibition and many of them are water paintings that Hitler painted over the years. Over the next twenty years art continued to interest Hitler; Hitler did not believe that the Jewish people could see art. All of the German leaders had an art collection and the purging of art was an enormous cause of the Holocaust.
The looting of art in Europe began when Nazi Germans were ordering German museums ran by Jewish to cleanse theirs collections of more than sixteen thousand works of art masters. Thousands of artwork was burned and purged. The Mona Lisa, David, and…