Makings of a Tragic Hero

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A possible theme for Oedipus the King by Sophocles is that one’s blindness can hide the inevitability that is his destiny. Oedipus is in this situation. He struggles to escape his fate: killing his father and marrying his mother and believes he is successful. Sophocles believes that the gpds control one’s destiny and the inevitability that a person will do what is destined despite there hero’s intentions.Oedipus represent the standards of a true tragic hero: he is well known, basically good, his punishment is out of proportion compared to his crime, the audience at some point feels sorrow and pity for him, and Oedipus has a tragic flaw. During the whole story Oedipus thinks that he may be able to change his fate a live life how he wants but he falls to that which is his destiny.For these reason Oedipus is truly an example of a tragic hero and is unable to avoid his tragic fate.

Oedipus is well known and prominent and that is important to making him a true tragic hero. A tragic hero is always in a place of power usually politically. In the beginning of the story Oedipus is the son of the queen and king of Thebes, but because of a prophecy his Father fears his child and expels him out of the kingdom. Yet through strange transactions the baby ends up becoming the prince of Corinth, but he leaves to try to escape his cruel fate. On his journey he encounters a sphinx, by solving the riddles it has for him he defeats it "you freed us from the sphinx" (line 44), defeating a

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