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M22_VITA8281_01_SE_CS06.QXD 6/10/10 9:37 PM Page 473 CASE VI Makrolon: The High-Tech Material People all over the world come into contact with polycarbonates every day. Ever since 1953, this plastic has built an impressive array of success in many different product Today, countless producers all over the world rely on the properties of polycarbonates. And more products and applications are constantly being added. It is impossible to imagine the future without polycarbonates. One of these polycarbonates is Bayer’s Makrolon.® The 45 billion or so CDs that have been produced from Makrolon since the birth of the compact disc in 1982 up to the beginning of 2008 would create a belt about 10,800,000 kilometers long. This…show more content…
When Polygram, a subsidiary of Philips, made the first CD, they used Makrolon, which is now used by renowned manufacturers as a fixed component of many CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. Recently it has also been adapted for blue-ray discs. Bayer Polymers did not pursue an ingredient branding strategy until 2000, when it began marketing Makrolon as a brand in its own right and bringing it into the public eye (see Exhibit VI-1). Prior to this, it was largely unknown to consumers and only marketed to businesses as an application chemical. Bayer has had little difficulty in finding ingredient branding partners to use and process EXHIBIT VI-1 Makrolon Trademark/Logo 1 On May 27, 2007 General Electric (USA) sold GE Plastics to Saudi Basic Industries Corp. (SABIC) for $11.6 billion. In 2006, the Pittsfield, MA-based business employed 10,300 people and generated $6.6 billion in sales and $675 million in profits in that year. In 2002 they had started a branding campaign which improved Lexan’s reputation outside the Americas. 473 M22_VITA8281_01_SE_CS06.QXD 474 6/10/10 9:37 PM Page 474 Case VI • Makrolon: The High-Tech Material the product, given that Makrolon has had a good reputation in the plastics processing
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