Malachisland's Education System

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Society has forgotten all aspects of life today. It has forgotten the basic morals its foundation was built on. America has distanced itself from its original moral code that was based on the belief of God and its fear of dishonoring his law. For example, it has accepted gay marriage, legalized abortion, and blamed objects for the actions of the man's heart. Consequently, trust in this society no longer exists because of its focus on individual wants. Society today can be much improved through an understanding of what is needed rather than what is wanted. Everybody needs something to live by because everyone is lost without a guidance of any kind. Malachisland shall be founded on similar morals, but adapted to the wide range of diversity. It…show more content…
In Poland, children are able to start kindergarten as early as 3 years old to as late as 6 years old. ("Poland Overview") Poland also doesn't allow children to advance on to next level schools (primary schools, secondary schools, and universities) unless they pass an exam advancing them forward. After primary school, (ages 13-16) students are progressed to secondary school where they receive his/her diploma. From there, students are given the option to go to a university and advance on in his/her life. Poland's education system allows students to be more than they can be no matter the age and that's the reason this system is favored and used in Malachisland.

Malachisland's justice system is based out of America's justice system. It has a supreme court that controls all justice courts beneath it. "Federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction only

over certain types of cases, such as cases involving federal laws, controversies between

states, and cases involving foreign governments. In certain other areas federal courts share

jurisdiction with state courts. For example, both federal and state courts may decide
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Countries from around the world differ in many ways, but if they all were equalized somehow or someway in an elite society, that society could change the way the world works. That's how the world goes around through "change" and without change, the world wouldn't be itself today. Who knows, maybe a society like Malachisland would make a difference and allow individuals to eliminate a multitude of problems in today's society. In conclusion, Malachisland offers change and accomplishes that through a democratic republic and a multitude opportunities for the heart of man to make a difference in the world
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