Malala Is Not Remaining Silent

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I jumped aboard the school bus, my friends and I laugh over a joke told among ourselves. I peered outside and admired the land of Pakistan when suddenly the bus came to a halt. Two men with beards and a Colt 45 approach a Pakistani school bus, the bus that I was on along with my school friends. One of the men climbed onto the bus and asked who I was, suddenly all had gone silent. Then, all eyes and one barrel came towards me. Malala Yousafzai is facing the terrors of the Taliban because she is supporting education for women, which is forbidden in the eyes of Taliban. The afternoon of October 9th, 2012 the bullet enters her forehead and travels into her shoulder. Malala is being treated and is going through a recovery process. After…show more content…
This evidence demonstrates that by not losing focus and having a strong determination, others will follow. For this reason, persistence is significant in a strong leader. Odysseus begged his men not to eat the Lotus since they would “..lose your hope of home”. The Lotus is a sweet flower that is offered by The Lotus Eaters which displaces the men’s dreams. Odysseus clears the beach and drags his men towards their ship keeping them away from obstacles or Lotus Flowers. Odysseus shows perseverance by pulling his men aboard since he is aware that the crew and him envision reaching home. “Lotus Flowers” of today’s world are present in any path. Like Odysseus and his crew , people all over the world have a goal or focus. Regardless of what the goal or focus is, having tenacity, the path to success is far past a “Lotus Flower”. For example, in Editors’s article “Steve Jobs Biography”, argues that regardless of where you are standing, people still are acchieving their goals that leads others to pursue. They are saying “Not actually having had an official title with the company he co-founded, Jobs was pushed into a more marginalized position and thus left Apple in 1985 to begin a new hardware and software enterprise called NeXT, Inc.” ( Editors 3). This evidence established that by not giving up and committing, people of any level can reach the impossible. The level of impossibility that beats world records, alters history,

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