Malala Yousafzai: An Activist For Women's Education

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Malala Yousafzai, an activist for women’s education, is the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Prize at just the age of 17 years old. Not only was she the youngest, but she was also the first Pakistani to win the award. Malala has done many great things for women’s rights and has stood up for what she believes in time and time again. She wants women to have the same rights as men do and she wants women to have the same opportunity to receive a quality education like men do. Malala has shown that she would even die for her beliefs, showing this by taking a bullet to the head from the Taliban. However, she didn’t let this stop her. She embraced it and became a role model to many people around the world, encouraging women and all others…show more content…
She emphasizes that she is a voice for all of the other women out there that are fighting for the things that she is fighting for. She mentions her friends that she has met along her journey that have a big influence on women’s education as well. Two of them were also shot by the Taliban, just like Malala. Malala uses a form of repetition in her speech. When she starts talking about how the award is not just for her and how it is for all of the people that stand up for women’s rights, she will say something such as, “It is for those…”, and then say a reason to why the award is not just for her. This repetition helps her get her point across very clearly. It reinforces her ideas and statements of how standing up for women’s education and women’s rights is a group effort. Malala also uses quite a bit of figurative language in her speech. She uses lots of metaphors and comparisons to help create a picture in our minds and help us understand some key points of her speech. An example of this is when she says,”not clipping her wings and allowing her to fly.” This metaphor is referring to how her father didn’t hold her back and allowed her to control her own life. This metaphor really helps the listener understand what she means and helps get her point
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