Malala Yousafzai: An Activist Malala Is Endless

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All teen activists impact the world in ways that are unimaginable. Malala Yousafzai gave girls’ education a huge hope, and almost gave her life for the cause. Alex Lin made laws banning dumping old electronics, or e-waste, making our environment a better place. Iqbal Misah fought against child labor his whole life. These young people have done things no ordinary person could do.

Malala Yousafzai’s Passion
Is Endless Activist Malala Yousafzai helps make the world a better place. Malala stands up for girls’ education rights. She has made several speeches: at the Nobel Peace Prize, John Stewart Daily Show, BBC News, and so many more. ”I want people to remember that Pakistan is my country. Even if its people hate me, I will still love it.” She quoted on, when talking about her passion.
Malala faced many challenges along her journey to success. A terrorist group called the Taliban started taking over Malala’s home village Swat, Pakistan. Malala and some friends were travelling home from school, and a masked gunman from the
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Quoted from, “He's successfully lobbied the Rhode Island state legislature to ban the dumping of electronics.” Alex’s challenge was actually convincing the legislature. The first time team WIN tried to pass the law, they got turned down. This really broke their passion. Despite this, team WIN didn’t give up. They simplified the bill and then tried again, this time being successful. According to the video in earlier paragraphs, WIN found out that refurbishing computers was 7 times more efficient than recycling them. Now, they refurbish computers and donate them to low-income families. To keep this process sustainable, they cooperated with the Westerly School System to bring computer refurbishing into the A+ Certified Computer Repair class's curriculum. Also, WIN created 7 media centers around the world. Keep in mind, Alex Lin is 16 years old, and he’s doing things many people
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