Malala Yousafzai : Fighting For Education Essay

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Claudia Vera
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November 6th, 2016
Malala Yousafzai: Fighting For Education
The right to education is one important fundamental justice that everyone should have, but most times that right is denied. There 's many reasons why people, states or countries may not take education seriously. Pakistan is one country that has the most curtailment on education towards women. Malala Yousafazi became a young activist, she stood up for her people in Pakistan to restore the rights of education to women. Her journey began when she was just the age of fifteen; she was shot on her head near the school bus by the Taliban in 2012. After her surgery recovery, she addressed a speech to the youth in New York on July 12th. In 2013, Malala and her father co-founded the "Malala Fund" in supporting young girls like her. Malala accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on December tenth, 2014 with Indian children 's rights. She bravely continues to work hard and strive for education justice so that, one day, every child will receive an education.
There are many countries where culture or religion can sometimes deny certain peoples ' right to have an education, restricting them from going to school to learn. Those countries don’t see the benefits people can get from learning new languages, or learning their own history. One of these countries that do such restrictions of education is Pakistan. In the country of Pakistan, some people think that there is no use of education, it 's unnecessary…
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