Malala Yousafzai on Education

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Malala Yousafzai believes that education is a basic right for every person. Malala, born July twelfth, nineteen ninety-seven is an activist for girls education. She was shot at just fifteen years old as a result of her life as an activist. Malala was nominated for the twenty-thirteen Nobel Peace Prize, but she did not win it. Many people have mixed feelings about the outcome of her nomination for the prestigious award. Malala believes that education is the basic right of boys and girls, men and women everywhere. The controversy which surrounds her life is a direct result of these beliefs, and is the reason she was shot. October ninth, two-thousand twelve, fifteen year old Malala Yousafzai boarded a school bus which would take her and other students home from school. The school bus was stopped by two members of the Pakistani Taliban. One went to the front of the bus to interrogate the bus driver. The second man entered the passenger part of the bus, called for Malala by name and fired three times. One of the bullets hit Malala at point blank near her left eye, traveled down into her shoulder and became lodged. Malala was rushed to a military hospital for medical treatment. She was later transferred to another Pakistani hospital, where she continued to receive care. It was here that she was given a 70% chance of survival. After her stay in Pakistani hospitals over the period of six days, Malala was flown to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham, England.
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