Malari Stopping A Global Killer

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Malaria – Stopping a Global Killer
Divya Reddy | Year 12 Biology
As medical technology is increasingly improving with continuous research, scientists are developing a range of medicinal treatments and cures that provide patients with exceptional care. Despite these treatments, there are constant biological diseases emerging that may be a severe threat to patients in the near future. In both western and undeveloped areas, infectious diseases are becoming progressively common and in desperate need of an innovative idea that will decrease death rates. Recent research conducted has found that infectious and parasitic diseases killed approximately 20.2 million people (CDC, 2016). Malaria is caused by any of four different species of the Plasmodium parasite that’s passed on through the bite of an infected mosquito, commonly known as the Anopheles mosquito. Approximately 311 million new infections and 900,000 deaths occur worldwide every year, of this, 438,000 deaths were caused by malaria (10 facts on malaria, 2015). While there is a vaccination for malaria, there is no commercially available vaccine created that produces effective results. The vaccine does not confer lifelong protection. Acquired immunity does not completely provide safety against alternated diseases, and malaria infection can continue for extended periods of time without signs of disease. With the severity of malaria cases additional funding is essential to enhance developing research into a

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